Welcome to VehiclesTEST

VehiclesTEST reviews new, current-generation vehicles, and creates mobile-friendly, responsive HTML5 video road tests for dealer websites. Customers learn everything through the video and submit email leads from the high-tech Flick Fusion player. The player features map to the dealership, contact phone number and social media sharing.

Full Feature Videos

Full 4-minute-plus test video with highway and city running footage, and commentary on the actual use of the vehicle in real-life situations.

Performance Data

Objective performance data measured by our Radar and VBOX GPS equipment, including 0 to 60 mph time, 50-70 mph passing speed and top speed in the quarter mile.

Features & Insights

Highlights of new and improved features on the current-generation model, offering insights that will help buyers make a more informed purchasing decision.

What We Offer

Proven video solutions for Honda and Toyota dealerships that increase sales by engaging customers.

VehiclesTEST creates its reviews independently with no manufacturer involvement of support, testing each model for fuel and speed and reporting that information as-tested. This highly credible content is what customers want, and it is delivered right on the dealer’s website.

WARNING! Dealers often use videos supplied by the web provider or manufacturer; viewers often quickly stop watching when they see it’s a commercial.

Turnkey video solutions for Honda and Toyota dealerships to increase time spent on website, educate staff and consumers and sell more new vehicles. No maintenance or input required by dealership staff—videos play 24/7 for the benefit of the customers.

Powered by Flick Fusion’s responsive player, VehiclesTEST reviews integrate seamlessly into any website. Streaming in HTML5, videos load quickly and scale to the mobile device. Reviews are automatically mapped to new inventory with no work required from the dealer. Customers can submit leads in the dealer’s CRM and share on social media.

VehiclesTEST video reviews are available to Honda and Toyota dealerships by subscription. There is no contract or setup fees. Subscribers can use all current-generation model tests for the website, educate the sales team, emails and on social media platforms.

  • Honda package ($445 per month) includes 14 new model video reviews
  • Toyota package ($495 per month) includes 24 new model video reviews

To increase new automobile sales for Honda and Toyota dealerships through independent, professional video reviews that engage and inform consumers. New car buyers start their research online and our mission is to turn consumers from browsers into buyers.

Client Examples

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