SpinCar's 360 degree interactive experience

Interactive content is a great way to familiarize customers with your products

Provide a look inside the vehicle with new tools

Top brands like 360BoothFlowFound, and SpinCar make third-party tools that bring the vehicles shoppers want right onto their smartphones or desktop computers. By utilizing responsive HTML5 technology and the power of digital photography and smartphones, these companies provide interactive experiences where customers can view the actual car they want to buy in full 360-degree detail, inside and out. 

Interacting with the actual vehicle a customer is interested in gives them a personalized experience that connects them to the car they want to purchase. These 360-Degree Video Spins are a great way to get buyers to see themselves in the driver’s seat of their new car, making the leads they generate higher quality and the closing process easier when they arrive at the dealership. 

Implementing these tools is easy and is a great way to modernize your dealership website. The increased engagement will make customers feel at ease knowing they have seen every inch of the vehicle they want before they even set foot in your showroom. The sense of transparency will help you build trust with your customers and give them an extra incentive to do business with your dealership. For these reasons, 360-degree video spins are becoming a must-have feature on any dealership website. 

  • According to SpinCar, 56% of auto shoppers would buy a car after they had only seen it on a 360-degree walkaround 
  • Customers can see the full interior and exterior of the actual car they are thinking of purchasing 
  • Transparency builds trust, making the leads you get higher quality and the customers more likely to purchase when they come in