Social media sharing

Getting the audience to engage with and share your content is a key to success  

Harness the power of social networks

The most fascinating and informative video is worthless unless it gets an audience. But there are only so many hours in a day, and only so many people working for your company. By harnessing the power of social networks you can reach more people with your video content. Encouraging those viewers to share your videos with their contacts will exponentially increase the number of eyes on your videos. 


Improving your social media presence is key to encouraging social video sharing. Make sure your dealership has a consistent voice across its posts on all platforms. Keep it professional but fun and relatable too. Engage with your audience via comment replies and messages when appropriate, and don’t be afraid to like and comment on relevant content from others. Building a consistent and active presence is key to getting more followers, and in turn increasing viewers on your videos. 


It will be easier to encourage social video sharing if your video content is high quality. VehiclesTEST video reviews and virtual test drives are independently produced and informative. Potential car buyers love to watch them because they provide a quick and easy way to access information about new car models. VehiclesTEST’s videos are easily shared with a link accessible right from the video player window that can be posted in an email or on social media. 


With more eyes on your videos, you’re sure to see more traffic on your dealership website and on your showroom floor. Encouraging social video sharing is an effective and economical way to sell more cars. 

  • Videos need an audience to be an effective tool 
  • Social networking has opened an opportunity for your dealership’s content to be seen by a wide audience 
  • High quality content is expected by the modern consumer, and independently produced video reviews like those produced by VehiclesTEST are both sought after and trusted by car shoppers