Test Drive Videos Page--Northridge Toyota

Offering objective content about your brand builds trust

3rd-party virtual test drives help customers research 

Shoppers who visit dealership websites watch videos to research their next ride. Having objective, in-depth video reviews of the vehicles you offer provides value to your customers and keeps them on your website longer.

VehiclesTEST has been creating high-quality third-party video reviews of Honda and Toyota vehicles for over a decade. Our video content is produced independently and gives customers a real-world look at the cars they are shopping for.

When you put independent VehiclesTEST video reviews on your dealership website, you’re empowering and educating your customer. All vehicles are showcased with a 4-minute-plus test video including highway and city running footage as well as commentary on the vehicle’s use in real-life situations. We even include objective performance data as measured with our VBOX GPS speed unit. Our video reviews help you build trust with potential customers. Shoppers these days like to stay informed, so why not give them the high-quality video content they’re looking for right on your website?

  • Increases time on site to 3+ minutes
  • Use Brand-Specific Videos in Emails
  • Powerful HTML5 player ideal for web and phones