Honda and Toyota players 500

Turn your Dealership's Website into a High-Powered Shopping Resource

Virtual Test Drives Put Driver's Behind the Wheel

Google estimates 92% of car buyers research online before they make a purchase and that the watch time of "test drive" videos has grown by more than 65% in the past two years.

More than 70% of all automotive shoppers are searching for New Model Review Videos, early in the buying cycle, to help them decide which Brand and Dealership they should visit to begin their next step of looking for inventory (VIN) specific content. The problem is that most automotive dealerships only have "words" and "pictures" available on their website, so the shoppers are having to rely on other sources to begin their online shopping journey.

An efficient and easy way to attract online shoppers to your website is to offer the video content they are searching for elsewhere. VehiclesTEST is an independent video-testing company that produces high quality video reviews of Honda and Toyota vehicles. Presented by experienced car reviewers, the tests give all the vehicle specific detail, combined with the opportunity to see the car inside and out, and in action on the road. The dealers can show these videos on their websites and in emails to the customers so the customer can watch and form an opinion on the video right on the dealership website instead of going and looking elsewhere. If this information is not on the website, chances are the customer will be looking for it somewhere else and may never come back to your website, and possibly losing the sale.