test drives, videos and what customers want

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Streaming companies use the latest technology to deliver information to your customers. For example, Google's research shows that more than half of all car shoppers watch 30 minutes or more of video in doing their research. And the best and most trusted type of video content? It's not a commercial or a sales pitch, it's actual video that you create, be it a walkaround from your phone, or a testimonial video from a happy customer who just bought a new car.

It's also a way to build a relationship with your customers. Lehel Reeves from Flick Fusion explains in this video how a well-crafted personal video helps build an emotional attachment witih your products and customers.

Having a review from a trusted third-party source is also a great way to help your customers without seeming biased. People simply love to watch videos. Videos stand out much more so than text alone on websites and social media channels.

Customers get excited and a call to action can result in a lead submitted by email or a phone call. And when you have content that customers want right on your site, in today's era of social distancing, some may even buy a car without taking a test drive! Of course, these customers know what they want, it happens all the time at Longo Toyota and Norm Reeves Honda of West Covina, two users of VehiclesTEST's Virtual Test Drives.


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