Increase Service Satisfaction with Video

  • Prasanthi Pittala

Video marketing helps dealerships build trust and customer satisfaction. It is simple, relatively inexpensive and easy to implement. If brand awareness is your dealership's goal, video advertising on social media must be your top priority. Videos are a big part of a shopper’s research. Videos increase brand visibility and inspire customers to discover, explore and take action. Videos have a higher engagement rate than all other types of content because it’s convenient and effortless to consume.

  1. 36% of people that watched a service video scheduled an appointment.
  2. 55% of parts and service customers research videos on social media.
  3. 65% of people who took their car in for service first heard about the service center they visited from a video.

According to research, only 35% of recommended repairs are completed. This is mostly because customers do not trust the recommendations of the service department. Most people do not know what goes on behind the scenes of a service department. Video reduces the gap by making the whole process transparent. Shooting a simple video explaining and showing the issue as well as service department's recommendations will empower the customer to make informed decisions. Recommended service acceptance rates can increase by as much as three times from an average of 20% to 40% and sometimes even as high as 60% by utilizing video.

Facebook, Instagram and YouTube are popular destinations for watching auto-related content. And don’t forget about your website and your website’s blog. Videos are a great way to capture customer attention and provide useful, visual, information for them about their vehicle and services needed.

To capture prospective service customers, create video content that is focused on car repair, car maintenance and provide information on what they can expect by using your service center. Through service videos, you can highlight your skills and show that you’re an expert in car repair and maintenance. One good idea is to share important car maintenance tips and how you can avoid costly repairs in the future by doing them. Displaying your knowledge and professionalism can help you build trust and set yourself apart from the competition.

Engage customers with a video marketing strategy specific to your service and parts business to build on the value and quality of your OEM certified service center and certified parts versus independent shops or national chains.  

For more information on using video at your dealership or to set up a blog, please reach out to publisher Doug Thompson at (954-629-2242).