Toyoda Family Dreams of Flying Cars for Toyota Brand

Japan’s Woven City, the digitally-driven town of tomorrow that Toyota Motor Corp. is building on the foothills of Mount Fuji, could be a future air hub for the country’s flying cars, according to a story in Automotive News.

Adding video reviews of flying cars to VehiclesTEST's Honda and Toyota video test drives would be a logical step, when the technology becomes available. For now, VehiclesTEST's video reviews of current-generation ground-based Honda and Toyota models are available for dealerships to add to their websites and emails. 

The vision for airborne offerings from the world’s biggest automaker was floated Tuesday in a presentation to local residents on Toyota’s plans for the futuristic living laboratory.

Toyota is already dabbling in electric vertical takeoff and landing, or eVTOL, aircraft.

James Kuffner, a director at Toyota Motor and the CEO of the Woven Planet subsidiary overseeing construction of Woven City, said taking flight was a passion of the founding family.

“It’s been a dream of the Toyoda family to build a flying car,” Kuffner said while outlining plans to develop Woven City, with its mixed mobility system, green energy grid, sustainable agriculture practices and diverse population of artists, families, entrepreneurs and inventors.

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