Video in the Buyer’s Journey

  • Prasanthi Pittala

Video content is extremely powerful for your marketing campaign! But you have to use it wisely. This means, knowing your buyer’s journey very well, and the different types of video that work for all the stages of it. The buyer's journey is the active research process a buyer goes through leading up to a purchase. During the buyer’s journey, your prospects have different needs. These needs vary at the beginning of the journey, in the middle of it and at the end; this is why there are specific names for every one of these moments. It includes three main stages: awareness, consideration, and decision. There are several opportunities within each stage to use video, and by creating different videos for each stage, you're more likely to connect with your customers and achieve higher engagement, brand activation, and trust.

Awareness Stage - The awareness stage is the first step of your buyer’s journey. Here, your buyer is identifying a problem that they might have, and they’re just doing preliminary research about it. Right now, your main goal is to give a great first impression. Also, you must be ready to have the answers that they might be looking for with some useful data.

Consideration Stage - In this stage, your prospects are now fully 

aware of their problems, and now they’re actively looking for solutions. Your future customers are considering some products or services that may be useful for them; and your job is to show them how your product is exactly the one they’re looking for.

Decision Stage - The final stage, the moment of truth. Right now, your customers will be making the purchase decision. How can you encourage them to give the final step in the right direction? (Which is, of course, choosing your product!) A potential customer, in this stage, wants to feel like they really know the brand that they’re about to buy from. This is why you will show them the insights with a video. The important thing here is to be authentic.

And, last but not least, in the delight stage, go the extra mile and be thoughtful and thankful to your customers. And remind them why they must come back to your brand!

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