Learn how technology can be leveraged for digital marketing

Auto buying has changed drastically in the past 30 years. Buyers still want to kick the tires and take test drives,  but before visiting a dealership, car shoppers have already gone online to research models, find deals, reviews and get real-time advice. Car shoppers are turning to digital and mobile devices to help select the perfect vehicle. Among these virtual experiences, videos have a significant role as they are a great way to engage your potential customers.  

When it comes to online video, YouTube is the first thing that comes to mind. It's an easy decision to host your dealership videos on YouTube given its low- cost, robust search engine, audience and its social media integration. But as you put more thought into it, you may realize YouTube may not be a great video hosting website for car dealerships. While the Search Engine Optimization of YouTube is the best out there it doesn't necessarily have a positive impact on how your dealership website ranks in search. YouTube can significantly suppress the traffic that would normally go directly to your website.

Nothing captures the online shopper's attention and screen time like true full-motion, VIN specific video.

Being an automotive dealer, you always look for the best way to pair consumers with their dream car. VIN specific videos are an excellent way to attract customers. They provide information about the vehicles in the inventory for a specific make and model, bring qualified leads to the dealership and improve sales. VIN specific videos provide interactive content that significantly increase engagement, reduces research time and helps the customer to make a decision quickly.

Another latest technology for the brands to latch onto is the 360-degree video. Here is why 360-degree videos help customers. An experiment conducted by Google in 2016 revealed that a 360-degree video drove 46% more views than a standard video. The 360-degree video completely changes the experience as it's more exciting, interactive, engaging, innovative and enjoyable. The next step for future marketing is definitely 360-degree video.

Apart from online marketing and videos "texting" to a potential customer proved to be more productive. In today's world there is one constant - people will always have their phone by their side. A study has revealed that 98% of the texts are opened and 9 out 10 texts are opened within 3 minutes. Another study published that an average smartphone user sends about 764 text messages and places 164 phone calls per month. Sending a text is quick, convenient and unobtrusive. When you send a text, you don't have to worry about interrupting someone's work or meeting. Texting a prospect is seen as a useful way to stay in contact and move relationships forward in the sales pipeline. You may also engage your audience through offers, discounts and photos of the car with amazing detail.