How we test

As an independent video-testing company, VehiclesTEST produces high-quality third-party video tests that increase dealer credibility and educate car, truck and SUV buyers. When we commit to testing a brand, we test EVERY VEHICLE in that brand’s current lineup. Dealers showcase these videos on their websites and in emails to customers.

VehiclesTEST video tests include

Full Feature Videos

All vehicles are showcased with a 4-minute-plus test video including highway and city running footage, and commentary on the actual use in real-life situations.

Performance Data

Objective performance data measured by VBOX GPS speed unit, including 0-60 mph time, 50-70 mph passing time and top speed in the quarter mile.

Fuel Economy

VehiclesTEST uses the actual as-tested highway fuel economy numbers for all Toyota models, and EPA fuel economy estimates for Honda models.

Features & Insights

Highlights of new and improved features on the current-generation models, helping buyers make a more informed purchasing decision right on the dealer’s site.

Video Test Samples

The following are road tests of a Honda and Toyota vehicles that can be used on website home pages, inventory pages and social media pages, as well as in emails and on Android phones and iPhones.

Honda Video Road Test

Toyota Video Road Test


Chevrolet $295
  • 5+ Video Models
  • Free Setup
  • No Annual Contract
Honda $395
  • 13+ Video Models
  • Free Setup
  • No Annual Contract
Toyota $495
  • 23+ Video Models
  • Free Setup
  • No Annual Contract