Car-buyers Say Video No. 1 the Research Tool

  • Prasanthi Pittala

Savvy dealers are quickly changing business models during the lockdown. What worked yesterday is old and tired today. Analyzing and finding big items like cars and houses is being done through video, and more than 50% of those video plays are happening on mobile devices.

Car shoppers used to go to the dealership with no knowledge of the car they wanted. Where they were in their decision-making process was an unknown. Salespeople used high-pressure tactics and a negative reputation resulted. Although customers still purchase at dealerships, but often the influential moments happen online, and that’s changed the relationship between the dealership and consumer.

Google says 95% of vehicle buyers use the internet as a source of information. 87% of in-market consumers view multiple videos of cars in motion while in the process of finding the right car for them. When car buyers start their research, most are undecided and open to different model and vehicle options. 

But when they walk into the dealership, they are often set on which vehicle to purchase. Video plays a significant role in their decision-making process. They decided by viewing different videos online and multiple videos for each vehicle. They learn a lot about each car and make choices on what works.

What a fast change it has been. We’ve seen online commerce revolutionize retail. Videos on mobile devices and laptops are big influencers, and are also important online research and sales tools. 

Usually car shoppers are not walking blindly into dealerships without any preparation. They are researching vehicles at home on a computer or phone, and gathering info from multiple sources.But having good video in the right places, on the New Inventory and VDPs, doubles the key sales metrics. Raw data and photographs always have a place, but now car shoppers expect to see cars in action on video. The good videos fire up the imagination of the buyer, and put them in the vehicle. That makes them far more likely to come in for a test drive.

Video is crucial, because it offers an engaging palette of information for the in-market consumer at a critical time in the buying process. Engaging customers in the research phase is both important and helpful--important for the dealer, and helpful for the consumer when they need good information 

Having the well-educated customer submit a lead is the gold. It makes the entire sales process run a lot smoother, helps the salesperson answer questions, and results in a satisfied customer.

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