Value Proposition Videos

  • Prasanthi Pittala

The customer has decided on the make and model of the car they want to purchase, the next question is "where should they buy it from"? This is where Value Proposition plays a significant role. A value proposition is a statement which identifies clear, measurable and demonstrable benefits consumers get when buying a particular product or service. This proposition can lead to a competitive advantage when consumers pick that particular product or service over other competitors because they perceive greater value. Your statement should convince the customers that you and your service is better than others on the market.

So, how do you make a statement? A short video has a wide reach over a few lines of text, over the past few years, video has risen into popularity across the globe. You see it everywhere – on television, social media, text messages, billboards, online advertisements, and even restaurant menus. More companies are launching video marketing campaigns and more small businesses are achieving success because of it. Videos - display nonverbal communication, engages and reach audiences quicker, are easy to share, present quick and rich content and enhance social communication.

Research clearly indicates creating clear and crisp videos with real people, stating why you are better than your competitors has attracted customers. The videos should showcase people from various departments - sales, service, parts, finance etc., The customer feels more connected, when they see the people in the video at your dealership. These videos should focus on the service offered, market targeted, how different you are from your competitors. When rightly done, the value proposition videos will transition your dealership into a brand that customers can trust.

Click here for an example of how top dealer Norm Reeves Honda West Covina uses Value Proposition Videos to Build Trust.

For more information on using video at your dealership, please reach out to Doug Thompson at (954-629-2242), or set up a demo with him.