Educate, Don’t Sell with Videos

  • Prasanthi Pittala

If you could say anything that you wanted to a car shopper who’s watching your video from a competitor’s lot, what would you say? In this AutoSuccess article, Tim James from Flick Fusion explains why dealers need to do more educating and less selling.

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The role of the automotive salesperson has changed in the last few years. Back in the old days, when car shoppers visited three or four dealers to view inventory, it was important for salespeople to be able to sell shoppers on why they should buy this vehicle from this dealership, right now. Sales, negotiation and closing skills were important.

These days, shoppers are doing it all online. Though it’s still important for the sales team to be able to sell shoppers on why they should buy “this vehicle” from “this dealership, right now” when the shopper is on the lot, it’s equally important that your sales team know how to “not sell” when communicating with shoppers during the research phase on the internet.

The fact is, today’s car shopper wants to feel empowered to make their own decision. They’re looking for educational information on a dealer's website.

The best way to build a foundation of trust with prospects is to give them the information they’re looking for. In addition, give them information they don’t know they’re looking for.

When creating a video marketing strategy, it’s important to include a series of educational videos designed to bring a car shopper in the initial research phase all the way down the funnel into the dealership, in one easy experience. The harder it is for the shopper to find the “next answer” to their “next question,” the more likely they are to leave the website to find the answers somewhere else.

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