Honda, Toyota video reviews a substitute for test drives

Since fewer customers are physically visiting Honda and Toyota dealerships, it is essential that you can duplicate that experience online. According to Google research, more than 75% of car buyers said that internet videos had an impact on their decision to buy. 

Furthermore, formats such as a Virtual Test Drive from would persuade 64 percent of consumers who watch online videos before making a purchase—a decision that would otherwise require them to test drive the vehicle.

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Try to include Honda and Toyota video walk-arounds of your vehicles on your website whenever you can. These give prospective buyers the same degree of in-depth information they would receive if they were viewing the vehicle in person. Take it a step further and have the salesperson record a specially tailored video for a potential customer. 

Call them by name and draw attention to the aspects of the vehicle that provide the amenities they are particularly seeking. Customers are more likely to purchase from you when you demonstrate to them that you are aware of their needs and are prepared to provide them. Back in 2018, only 1% of all cars were sold online, while in the first half of 2020, that number rose to 10% (Google/Kantar). This rapid shift was accelerated in part by COVID-19, but the trend of online purchasing won’t be going away any time soon. 

Indeed, following the pandemic, 65% of car buyers anticipate having more online options going forward, and 73% of buyers feel comfortable conducting all of the negotiation online. Making the process of looking up, haggling over, and purchasing a car online as simple and accessible as you can is crucial.

Since there isn't much of a pricing difference for cars, Honda and Toyota dealers need to set themselves out in other ways. Providing excellent customer service is a terrific approach to stand out from the competition and boost foot traffic conversion rates.

That is because 54% of consumers would be willing to purchase from a dealership that provided their preferred experience, even if it did not have the lowest pricing. And 72% of consumers said they would visit dealerships more frequently if the purchasing process were made better.

This implies that for dealers, giving customers a wonderful experience from the moment they walk in the door will probably result in more sales. A further benefit of providing excellent customer service is that contented clients are more likely to recommend your dealership to their friends and family and to make more purchases from you.

For more information on using video at your dealership, please reach out to Doug Thompson at (954-629-2242), or visit his calendar to set up a demo with him.