Convey emotion and build connections with video

  • Doug Thompson

Have you ever misinterpreted the meaning of an email because of the way it was written? Or perhaps a text comes off as rude or mean, just because its short. Oftentimes that’s not the intent of the message, but the recipient takes it that way.

That can be bad news for a car salesperson, who needs to connect in a positive way with the customer as fast as possible. To do that, in this video blog Evan Riley from FlickFusion makes a case for why every salesperson should be communicating with customers via video.

Blog 114 image for May 4


Miscommunication is so common that it’s why CEOs of large companies deliver video announcements to employees, instead of written memos.  So much of the way we communicate is nonverbal. That’s why Zoom and other video communication platforms are still so important even after the pandemic. 

Videos allows people to see how you are saying something, and will give you employees a powerful advantage over salespeople that don’t use video

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