Flick Fusion Adds New Features to StreaMe

StreaMe from Flick Fusion offers an innovative solution that engages car shoppers and customers, virtually. StreaMe is a multi-platform application and is available on mobile and desktop devices. Unlike the most commercially available video chat applications, StreaMe doesn't have to be downloaded or logged in by the customer. StreaMe can also be integrated into VidMail, which is a powerful tool for the service department.


“StreaMe is quickly becoming the auto industry’s preferred app for video calls because it utilizes WebRTC technology that enables any person on any device to instantly connect live with dealership employees,” said Tim James, COO of FlickFusion.


Two new features were added to Flick Fusion’s StreaMe live video calling application that are designed to boost customer response rates, increase the number of customer conversations and make it easier for sales and service teams to close more sales.


  • A feature that allows dealership employees to text or email customers a personal URL link to initiate a live video call
  • A conferencing feature that allows dealership employees to add a third person to an active video call.


The first new feature allows dealerships to text or email customers a personal URL. When the customers click on the URL, a live one way video call is instantly initiated. The customer can see and hear the employee but the employee can only hear the customer. If the customer prefers a two way video call, they can easily activate the camera. The personal URL also allows for more detailed tracking of each individual who has been sent the link.


The second new feature allows dealership employees to add a third person to an active video call. This feature is very beneficial when additional expertise or approval is needed. The salesperson can add a manager so an estimate can be easily approved. A service advisor can add the technician to explain the repairs or show the worn part.


“I predict the conferencing feature will be the greatest feature you’ll never use,” said James. In many cases, the service customer will just go ahead and authorize the additional repairs without taking you up on your offer to Live Stream, just because your team has the confidence to offer the customer this level of visibility. That is why it’s the greatest feature you’ll never use.”


To read the press release from Flick Fusion about the two new features, click here.

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