Live Video the New Way to Sell More Cars and Service

  • Prasanthi Pittala

In car sales, it is important to spend a lot of time training yourself to help develop interpersonal skills. The salesperson may not be as good with their emails, chats or texts but put them face to face and they will excel every time. 

With the use of common video tools, like live video, and video conferencing, salespeople can now better service their customers. With an increasing number of institutions and storefronts now mandated to cut down onsite operations, communicators have turned to live video as a workaround for serving existing clientele and reaching new ones.


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Live communication is becoming the new normal. At VehiclesTEST we work with our streaming partner Flick Fusion on a number of different projects,  and one of them is live video calling with a product called StreaMe.

From doctors to students, everyone is utilizing video in some form to replace onsite meetings. Vehicles and dealerships are no different. Live video like StreaMe can be used by customer service agents either to initiate a face-to-face live video chat support session or to offer live video interactive assistance. In contrast to live chats, conversations with live video can be interactive and there is no delay waiting for messages to appear. 

When customers turn to dealerships for help, video chat support gives a face to the business so that customers feel like they're dealing with a real person. A two way video interaction can be a great way to attend to customers' inquiries. Human interaction drives an emotional connection as support can pick up the body language of the customer and better assist them.

Live video can be used by salespeople to guide the customer through the features and benefits of the vehicle in real time. Sales people can quickly record a video with the vehicle the customer is interested in and can thoroughly explain the features while visually capturing the details. Live video is a great way to provide an engaging and interactive customer experience. And, it can help close the sale right on the spot. Live video enables the sales teams to react appropriately to any buyer inquiries. The sales team can also support the customer during the buyer's decision making process by presenting a live, interactive video. Live video provides an opportunity for the sales reps to take the conversations to the next level by easily explaining complex topics.

An unfortunate misconception is that vehicle details shared outside the dealership walls can demotivate shoppers from visiting a dealership. This misconception may prevent some dealers from realizing the full potential of video in nearly every department from sales to service to F&I. Selling a consumer is, was, and will always be about getting the consumer emotionally attached to The Dealership, The Sales Person, and The Car.

Read this article by Flick Fusion’s Tim James for more details about using live video at various departments in a dealership using some great new tools.

If you would like to learn more about live video calling, or add VehiclesTEST’s third-party Honda and Toyota Virtual Test Drives to your website and emails, please reach out to Doug Thompson at 954-629-2242.