How Video increases Auto Sales

Top dealers understand the importance of consumer trust. If potential customers cannot trust you, your sales team or your marketing efforts, you will never close the sale. Videos easily communicate your brand’s message and provide future customers with an inside look at your entire operation.


One reason why videos are a powerful tool for salespeople is because of their ability to engage the viewer. Video is an interesting way to personalize and humanize the content. It’s really easy to forget that in order to engage the viewer, you need to connect with them. Telling them how great your product is with facts alone would be like doing a walkaround for a customer, simply reading the information on the window sticker. That is certainly not very interesting, engaging or creative.


Also videos make your email marketing more engaging and effective. Video is a rich media format that makes your emails hard to resist.  It makes complex topics simple, audiences crave it and it builds a connection which fosters long-term loyalty. By using video, you can tap into the imagination of an audience that absorbs information visually---sometimes text just doesn't do it. Some of the great ways to incorporate videos in your emails are: lead response videos, video emails for sales and for marketing, thanks for stopping by videos, manager follow-ups, dealership updates.


Dealers need the ability to email and text inventory videos, live video chat, connect your digital marketing and track shopper engagement online, in real-time, all within a single platform! StreaMe from Flick Fusion offers an innovative solution that engages car shoppers and customers, virtually. StreaMe is a multi-platform application and is available on mobile and desktop devices.


Today, more businesses are using video to help customers in ways that contribute real value. Video is a dominant force when it comes to consumers researching new products like vehicles online. That’s because video is an inbound marketing tool, taking on the scale of television when you turn it on. It’s also precise, a digital device that’s right where the consumer wants to watch it. Finally, video has the power to tell a believable story.


The car business is changing as the industry moves toward more digital-centric sales processes. The consumer is driving sales and car salespeople are evolving too. Social media sites are clearly a major influence in a buyer's decision making process. Videos give rich content to post across your social media pages, which helps to connect with customers.

For more information on using video at your dealership, on how to use Twitter or to set up a video blog, please reach out to Doug Thompson at (954-629-2242).