Live Video Informs Customers

  • Prasanthi Pittala

Innovative ways to provide customers with immediate assistance, guidance and support lies at the heart of every customer-centric organization. Salespeople spend a lot of time training themselves to help develop the interpersonal skills. The salesperson may not be as good with their emails, chats or texts but put them face to face and they will excel every time.

In the wake of COVID-19, customers are encouraged to stay at home as much as possible. With tools like live video and video conferencing, salespeople can serve customers the best with their shopping needs. With an increasing number of institutions and storefronts now mandated to shut down operations, communicators have turned to live video as a workaround for serving existing clientele and reaching new ones.

Live communication is becoming the new normal. Live video can be used by customer service agents either to initiate a face-to-face live video chat support session or to offer live video interactive assistance. Unlike live chats, conversations with live video can be interactive and there is no delay waiting for messages to appear. When customers turn to dealerships for help, video chat support gives a face to the business. A two way video interaction can be a great way to attend to customers enquiries. The human interaction drives a personal connection as support can pick up the body language of the customer and better assist them.

Live video can be used by salespeople to guide the customer through the vehicle features and benefits real time. Sales people can quickly record a video with the vehicle the customer is interested in and can thoroughly explain the features while visually capturing the details. Live video can reduce unsigned contracts by providing an engaging and interactive customer experience that helps close the sale right on the spot. Live video enables the sales teams to react appropriately to any buyer enquiries. The sales team can also support the customer during the buyer's decision making process using a live video. Live video also provides an opportunity for the sales reps to take the conversations to the next level by easily explaining complex topics.

Live video helps with the post delivery process as well. Live video can be used by the service department. They can quickly record a video showing the thread depth of the vehicle tire. The service department can make a face to face video call to go over any of the repair works. This not only increases the acceptance rates but also helps to gain the trust of the customer.

Read this article by Flick Fusion’s Tim James for more details about live video and how you can use it at your dealership using some great new tools:

Live video also allows dealerships to engage with current or potential customers in a more human and accessible way. It's an ideal tool to showcase your dealership, your sales team and the service team. This provides a way for the customer to instantly connect with the person when they visit the dealership. To engage car shoppers and attract more website visitors, use the latest video communications technologies to proactively reach out to customers. By using live video at your dealership, you quickly build rapport and earn the customer’s trust. And that is how you increase revenue.

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