Power of Interactive Video

  • Prasanthi Pittala

The VDP (Vehicle Details Pages) are the heart and soul of a dealership’s website. This is where customers come, look at the vehicle and are hoping to find all relevant information about the vehicle.

But do you VDPs stand out from your competitors?

The most efficient way to provide information about a vehicle on the details page is through an interactive video which keeps the customer fully engaged while learning about the vehicle. The interactive video lets the customer control the content they would like to see by taking some action.

When explaining about a vehicle, you can start with a menu s

creen that lys out different options such as Exterior, Interior, Power, Additional Features and invites the customer to choose one so they can jump ahead to a section they are more interested in, instead of pausing, rewinding or fast-forwarding.

A few of the benefits of including interactive videos on the Vehicle details page are:

  1. Increased user activity
  2. Increased intent to purchase and higher conversion of leads.
  3. Increased view comprehension. When it comes to learning, video and interactivity are phenomenal individually, but when combined their power is amplified.

For more information watch the video from Lehel Reeves at Flick Fusion.

For more information on using video at your dealership, please reach out to Doug Thompson at VehiclesTEST.com (954-629-2242), or set up a demo with him.