Toyota’s plan for carbon neutrality is through battery electric vehicles

  • Doug Thompson

At a media briefing in Japan in mid December 2021, Akio Toyoda, global president of Toyota Motor Corporation, shared his vision for the future of mobility.

With the goal of achieving a carbon-neutral society, Toyoda reconfirmed his commitment to providing solutions and options to as many customers around the world as possible. In addition to continuing to develop hybrids (HEVs), plug-in hybrids (PHEVs), and fuel-cell electric vehicles (FCEVs), Toyota will expand its offering of battery electric vehicles (BEVs), providing safety, security and convenience for Toyota and Lexus customers.

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Regarding carbon neutrality and Toyota, during the briefing Toyoda shared several targets, including:

  • By 2030, global sales of battery electric vehicles (BEVs) will reach 3.5 million vehicles annually.
  • By 2030, Toyota will offer 30 BEV models across the Toyota and Lexus brands, globally, with more on the way.
  • With this expanded global BEV lineup, Toyota and Lexus will offer BEVs in all segments, including sedans, SUVs, K-Cars, commercial vehicles and other segments.

To reach these targets, Toyota plans to invest approximately $70 billion globally in electrified vehicles including HEVs, PHEVs, FCEVs and BEVs. Of that amount, approximately $35 billion will be invested in BEVs starting in 2022 through 2030.

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