Tips to help Honda and Toyota salespeople shoot their own car videos

  • Doug Thompson

In the era of digital marketing, creating engaging and informative content is key to attracting and maintaining customers. For Honda and Toyota dealerships, using car videos to showcase their vehicles is an effective strategy. 

However, some salespeople may experience shyness or hesitance when it comes to creating these videos. Here are some ways that Honda and Toyota dealers can assist their salespeople in overcoming shyness while making new car videos on their phones to send in emails to customers.

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1. Training and guidance: Provide comprehensive training sessions to salespeople on how to create appealing car videos. This can include tips on framing, lighting, sound quality, and the key features and benefits to emphasize. By empowering salespeople with the necessary skills and knowledge, they will feel more confident in their abilities to create compelling videos.

2. Practice and rehearsal: Encourage salespeople to practice making videos in a supportive environment such as during team meetings or workshops. This allows them to become more comfortable in front of the camera and improve their skills through constructive feedback and support from colleagues.

3. Role-playing activities: Conduct role-playing activities to simulate real-world scenarios that salespeople may encounter when making car videos. This helps them become more accustomed to the process, reduces nervousness, and builds their confidence in interacting with potential customers.

4. Mentorship and peer support: Assign experienced and successful salespeople within the dealership to act as mentors or coaches for those who may be shy or hesitant. These mentors can share their own experiences, provide guidance, and offer constructive criticism.

5. Providing necessary tools and resources: Ensure that salespeople have access to smartphones with good video quality and relevant apps for video editing if necessary. Additionally, offering a library of ready-to-use content, such as pre-recorded car videos or customizable templates, can alleviate anxiety and make video creation a faster and smoother process.

6. Recognition and rewards: Acknowledge and reward salespeople for their efforts in creating new car videos. This can be done through incentives, recognition programs, or even small team celebrations. Recognizing their achievements will motivate them to overcome shyness and strive for excellence in their video-making skills.

By implementing these strategies, Honda and Toyota dealers can support their salespeople in overcoming shyness when creating new car videos on their phones. As they become more confident and skilled in this area, they will be better equipped to engage with customers, increase conversion rates, and ultimately boost sales for the dealership.

For more information on using video at your dealership, please reach out to Doug Thompson at (954-629-2242) or visit his calendar to set up a demo with him.