Video Content More Powerful Than All Others

  • Doug Thompson

Video is one of the most powerful marketing tools you can leverage to engage customers. It is a cost effective way to build awareness among shoppers. According to a recent study published by Wistia, consumers watched more than 23,000 years of video in 2020 alone.


This means more videos were watched last year than the entire history of modern civilization! And it’s almost certain to continue to break records. Why? Because video transfers more information to a consumer in the least amount of time, while also creating the greatest amount of emotion when compared to any other visual medium.

According to an article in Forbes, 72% of consumers are watching video content on their smartphones. The reason for this is simple: People love watching videos! This is exactly why new video apps and features are infiltrating the current market offering an increasing number of ways for consumers to view this content. There’s a reason why video is the number one type of content consumed globally. This is why your dealership must understand that video isn’t just the future, it is the NOW.

In this article, Tim James from FlickFusion presents why video is the leading tool in digital marketing strategy.

Every industry is adapting to video technology and the automotive industry is no different. For car dealerships, video is the technology that can transform how an industry does business. Video works well in grabbing the audience’s attention. If it manages to keep customer attention retained, the video can directly lead to a sale.

Consumers want to "See, Watch and Buy", according to an article by Entrepreneur magazine. Consumers are "seeing" your inventory when they land on your SRP or VDP. To reach the new prospects, make sure your video content is being presented to them at the right time at the right place. For example, here’s VehiclesTEST’s Virtual Test Drive on the all-new 2022 Honda Civic Sedan on Rick Case Honda’s website.

Whether it is a stitched photo video, a live video walkaround, or an interactive 360 spin, video content engages viewers. Also, videos communicate a message clearly without much room for an error. By providing your prospective customers with interesting and useful information in a creative, fun, and personalized manner, you can gain customer’s trust.

Consumers want to gain as much information about a vehicle as possible, as quickly as possible. And, the video does just that. It has the capability to deliver the most powerful yet informative message within the least amount of time. The point is to make content consumers like, while also making that content in the form consumers want to consume. Use personalized videos on platforms that provide useful marketing data, and which integrate with your CRM for ease of follow-up.

Make it easy to create videos that consumers desire, that they can view on their mobile phones, with data that integrates into your CRM so you can follow up with them appropriately. This will help turn your dealership into a marketing powerhouse that rules over any competition!

If you would like to add VehiclesTEST’s third-party Honda and Toyota Virtual Test Drives to your website and emails, please reach out to Doug Thompson at 954-629-2242.