Why VIN-specific videos are needed

  • Prasanthi Pittala

The current trend for consuming visual content is on the rise. From setup to reviews, people are using online videos as a primary medium in every industry. The logic behind this is very simple - if you want to know something, you see it for better understanding. If you want to own something, you definitely need to see it. Also, videos help consumers to emotionally connect with a product and brand. Nothing captures the online shopper's attention and screen time like true full-motion, VIN specific video.


Doug Corolla on Camera


Being an automotive dealer, you always look for the best way to pair consumers with their dream car. Today, manufactures and dealers are relying on marketing tactics to identify purchase ready customers and drive them to make a sale. VIN specific videos are an excellent way to attract customers. They provide information about the vehicles in the inventory for a specific make and model, bring qualified leads to the dealership and improve sales.

VIN specific videos provide interactive content that significantly increase engagement, reduces research time and helps the customer to make a decision quickly. These videos are professionally done with high quality audio, video and include information about mileage, price, technology, performance, trim levels, interior/exterior/safety features, closed captions and more.

VIN specific videos provide an insight into the vehicle that would help them make an informed decision about purchasing the vehicle. This also helps the dealers by shortening the sale cycles - customers would have walked into a dealership having enough information about the vehicle and are ready to purchase the vehicle.

For more information on using video at your dealership, please reach out to Doug Thompson at VehiclesTEST.com (954-629-2242), or set up a demo with him.