5 top video marketing tips for Honda and Toyota dealers

  • Doug Thompson

A top-notch digital video marketing plan for a Honda or Toyota dealership must be well thought-out and properly integrated to be effective. It’s crucial to understand the best practices for dealers that are engaging with video content.

Watching a video is considerably more likely to be done by customers than reading an article. Additionally, people anticipate a Honda or Toyota new model in as many configurations as possible. Photos from static inventories can be insufficient today. Despite worries about inventory and the economy, the dealerships who use dynamic video marketing methods will be the ones that prosper and expand.

Here’s a look at five top video marketing tips:


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  • Make use of expert equipment. Dealers for Honda and Toyota don't need to bring in a large team to film, but having the correct equipment can help tremendously. Seek for dependable, user-friendly resources and software for automobile dealers (or used vehicle dealers) that may assist in producing the ideal material.
  • Make advance plans. People's tendency to desire to do video marketing "off the cuff" is their largest obstacle. Although this has a place and can give off a more authentic vibe, there will be a lot of room for error. When dealers fail to lay out a comprehensive video marketing strategy, they typically come across as unprofessional at the very least.
  • Add a call to action, or CTA. What kind of video is being made is irrelevant. It is always crucial to add a call to action. This can be as easy as putting the dealership's website at the conclusion of the film or making a maintenance video and recommending dealership services, for instance.
  • Recruit experts in the field. For example, you can easily use Honda and Toyota Virtual Test Drives from VehiclesTEST.com on your website and in your emails. In addition to the tools at hand, hundreds of experts are accessible to help with dealership video marketing, digital marketing, and other tactics. With their extensive training and expertise, these professionals can guarantee that dealerships are using the most effective tactics.
  • Produce material that is dynamic. This means that as part of a digital video marketing plan, videos should be employed as often as possible. Although it might take some effort and practice, this is achievable. Honda and Toyota dealer engagement rates will rise in proportion to the higher quality and greater variety they offer.

For more information on using video at your dealership, please reach out to Doug Thompson at VehiclesTEST.com (954-629-2242), or visit his calendar to set up a demo with him.