How Video Can Bring You New Customers

  • Doug Thompson

Honda and Toyota dealers know video is important and worthwhile. They also believe video creation is time-consuming, and feel they lack resources to put a video marketing strategy in place. Actually, they are right about both.

According to statistics from the NADA, the North American Auto Dealer’s Association, the average dealership has a marketing cost per sale of $640 per unit. Dealerships spend a lot among all their marketing sources attempting to attract attention to their inventory.

It’s also true social media can help sell more cars. Nearly 75 percent of consumers responded in a recent study that their purchase decision was impacted by a company’s social media presence.

And what is the most popular content across all social media properties? It is a video, of course.

A scalable video marketing strategy allows you to use all same video content for your social media strategies. Your staff must be involved, and every phone can take video. For example, salespeople can introduce themselves with a 20-second video and show off the latest Honda or Toyota model, and those video clips can be uploaded to Facebook, LinkedIn, TikTok and YouTube. That allows you to dramatically increase the return on investment from all of your digital marketing.

When it comes to finding brands, word of mouth still dominates. But, increasingly, consumers get recommendations from friends and then check out the dealership via social media such as Facebook or online reviews.

Having a strong presence on social media with video content can bring you sales from shoppers you didn’t even know were in the market. Video will increasingly dominate all platforms as the preferred type of content influencing sales. It’s time to develop a strategy to produce video content to market your inventory, your store’s value propositions, your monthly promotions, your employees, and your brand.

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