Video a Powerful Tool for Car Dealers

  • Doug Thompson

Customers are clamoring for new vehicles, often taking possession of their purchases right off the car carrier at the dealership. The vehicle is pre-sold, paperwork complete, finished, done deal. And because dealerships don’t have much new inventory, there’s not much to show potential customers.

This is where video comes into play. Having a high-quality professional video of the new model the customer is interested in can take the place of having that car on the lot. A “Virtual Test Drive” puts the customer in the driver’s seat and allows that pre-sale to occur before the vehicle ever arrives on your lot.

Watch any Honda video review on Metro Honda website:

Watch any Toyota video review on Toyota of Dallas’ website:

Videos can easily communicate your brand’s message and provide future customers with an inside look at your entire operation. Plus, when you share your expansive industry knowledge through video, more and more customers will begin to trust your dealership with their business.

Video is the No. 1 lead converter in emails. Salespeople can access sharing tools from within your CRM that will increase click-through rates from your email and social campaigns to your new VDP by 65%. By giving your team the tools they need to engage prospects by email, text or posting to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, you are helping them and your dealership succeed.                                 

While phone calls and walk-ins are still important aspects of the car buying experience, they are typically the final steps in the process after consumers conduct online research. You want to ensure you are meeting your audience where they are online, and a robust digital marketing strategy allows you to do this. However, the tools you use provide you with a higher chance of reaching your desired outcome.

Analytics is the piece everyone loves, it’s easy to see how many times employees are sending texts, emails, videos, following up with customers etc; The right digital marketing tools can provide you with better analytics and insights as well. So use these statistics, to identify the employees that are not using the tools effectively and brainstorm ways to increase usage.

Video marketing is extremely effective, but only if the tools are being used. Create a video culture at the dealership and encourage employees to use digital marketing.

For more information on using video at your dealership, please reach out to Doug Thompson at (954-629-2242), or set up a demo with him.