Making personal connections with video

Online car retailers like Carvana and Vroom gained significant traction in the last couple of years. Fueled by the pandemic, many consumers purchased their vehicles from these online retailers. Does that mean your dealership has to change its business model to compete? In this video, Lehel Reeves from FlickFusion offers some of the reasons why dealerships are not going anywhere and why consumers still prefer going into dealerships for purchasing their vehicle.

Many customers still like the idea of negotiating. Everyone wants to get the best deal out there and it's only possible at the dealerships. Online retailers are known for high prices and not everyone likes the idea of buying a car online. For consumers that do not like the idea of negotiating, dealerships are still the best place to purchase. Most of the dealerships are phasing out old negotiating tactics so everyone can shop with confidence. Most of the consumers believe they get the best price at the dealerships.



Car dealerships also have the natural advantage over online retailers. Car dealerships are actual brick and mortar where customers can walk in and check out the vehicles they like. Some customers may find a better vehicle or simply a better deal with other vehicles in the dealership. This may motivate them to purchase a different vehicle than what they were originally interested in. Customers also like to visit dealerships so they can check out the vehicle of their interest and test drive it. Most of the customers also like their vehicle serviced at the same dealership they bought it from.

Not everyone has a bad experience at the dealership. The experience can be further improved by adapting to video technology at the dealerships. Video is a powerful tool because it engages the viewer. Video establishes the emotional connection with the customer. It's easy to personalize and humanize with video. Because videos can show human emotion, customers will not only connect with the content but also with the brand presenting the content. Videos help dealerships build deeper and more fruitful relationships with customers. With the increase in technology and a lot of video tools now available in the market, it is very easy to make the videos and reach the customer more effectively. They are also the best available medium to help create an instant emotional response from the customer.

Videos are easily scalable and shareable. Videos not only grab customer's attention, they tend to keep it longer. A personal video can garner the trust of consumers by presenting them with the information they can easily remember and apply afterward. It shows that you care and that you took the time to create something special and unique just for them. Effective video marketing includes walkarounds, personal video messages and honestly any other kind of video you can think of. Because they are all no different as long as they are presented in an unique and interesting way. Take advantage of personalized video marketing trends to connect with more customers and exceed their expectations. Personalization increases click through rates as customers get interested and consequently get motivated to take the desired action. Video is the smartest marketing tool and sales people need to take advantage of it.

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