Tips for Excellent Live Video Calls

Dealerships place a great deal of importance on meeting customer expectations. Customer demands are changing, and video has proven to be a necessity for successful marketing for dealers.

Today, live video is even more important. But not everybody does it as well as they could! Dealerships can use video chat for interacting with customers to make conversations interactive, personalized, and deliver a delightful user experience. In today’s time, convenience is of the utmost importance. Video chat for customer support helps to deliver faster responses that boost customer satisfaction and improves dealership credibility.

There are simple best practices dealerships can use while performing a live video with a prospective car buyer. These tips are great for anyone who communicates with customers.

Pause - A one-sided conversation is not something many people enjoy. You have the customer's attention. You have them on a live stream and just like selling a car in person, you need to listen to their needs and wants. This leads to the first tip, Pause! When you listen to the customer, you will understand the customer better. You will find out what's most important for them.

Engage - The very reason that the customer is on a live video call with you is that they are very low funnel and in the market right now! Think about all the internet leads your dealership gets and how hard it is to contact the majority of these customers. Here, not only do you have a customer engaged with you but agreed to do a live call about a specific vehicle. Some of the key benefits of customer engagement include - better understanding of the customer, ability to connect more emotionally, and personalized interactions. Visual engagement drives relationships and revenue for the dealerships.

Eye Contact - Eye contact is crucial in establishing a relationship and to build a rapport. If you are not looking into the camera while engaging with a customer, you are losing the opportunity to build rapport. Making eye contact brings an emotional touch as well as makes the conversation feel more personal. When talking to the customer look directly into the camera. To them, it will seem as if you are talking to them rather than seeing your eyes focused elsewhere — just like you would if they were physically on your lot.

Smile - Smiling while engaging in a video call can be one of the most important strategies for success. Smiling not only helps you relax during the conversation, it will also improve the mood and energy of the customer. We all know that people buy from people they like, and a simple smile while engaging the consumer is scientifically proven to improve your chances of being liked — just like you would if they were physically on your lot.

Live video has never been more important in the sales world. More and more businesses are knowing the importance of delivering great customer experience. With voice and video chat for customer service, businesses will be able to deliver faster service and boost customer satisfaction. Building personal relationships with customers develop trust and credibility that go a long way in maintaining your dealership image. With video chat technology, you don’t miss out on any opportunity to delight your customers by coming up to their expectations. Make sure you stay ahead of the competition and are prepared for the acceleration and adoption of this technology by consumers. Great conversations certainly lead to more sales. And live video is a highly effective way to have great conversations with your customers.

For more information on using video at your dealership, please reach out to Doug Thompson at (954-629-2242), or set up a demo with him.