Turn VidCom Into A High Performing Machine

Video communications is the future and no video marketing strategy is complete without video emails that can be used in newsletters, campaigns and the lead follow-up process. VidMail allows dealers to set up autoresponder video emails, saving personnel valuable time. VidMail also delivers the ability to capture video from a desktop webcam or mobile device when used with the VidCom App, Flick Fusion’s award-winning video communications mobile app. VidCom combines features from both VidMail, Flick Fusion’s email marketing application and StreaMe, a live-streaming video communications app. Dealers can use VidCom to follow up with leads, engage and build rapport with auto shoppers, send personalized video emails and texts and to perform live-stream vehicle walkarounds.

What is VidCom?

The VidCom App allows dealership personnel to deliver videos via email and/or text to customers from one platform that dealership management can both track and control. The VidCom App also enables live-streaming video calls regardless of smartphone platform, so customers can connect with dealership staff, whether in sales or in the service department.

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VidCom for Sales team

Time matters when following up with your hottest leads and VidCom gives you the power to shoot the perfect new arrival on the lot for the customer you’ve been working hard to find the right vehicle for. Show them you care with a personal introduction, and flip the camera to show them the vehicle they have been looking for.

VidCom in your Service drive

Up-sells in the service lane mostly get declined because of a lack of understanding and trust from customers. VidCom allows your techs to take a quick video of the 1/8” brake pads or expired fluid on the family car. Flip the camera around for a personal touch and explain that your service lane only wants to make sure you get the best value out of your vehicle and do it all right in the service bay.

VidCom in your BDC

On top of Sales follow up, the BDC probably sends Happy Birthday and Equity/Lease offer emails for all you existing customers because there is no better customer than a repeat customer. Using VidCom allows your team to get these personal and relevant messages in your existing customer’s inbox. Customers need to know you care and there is nothing better then hearing their name from your team on their special occasion.

Live Streaming TOO!

The Video Landing pages allow you to connect on live streaming calls with customers. If enabled, this will allow the client to call you directly in the VidCom app. This is by default a one way video call so you can answer questions and show them the vehicle of their dreams and they don’t have to be worried about being camera ready.

In a nutshell, using the VidCom Mobile App has the following advantages:

Engaging and exciting customers with live video calls.

VidCom Mobile App can be used on any phone, computer, or tablet regardless of operating system.

SMARTFLICKS integration makes it easy for dealers to incorporate all relevant video content into their video email and live-stream communications.

Sounds Great, how do I get VidCom?

VidCom is available for free from the Apple iTunes store and the Google Play Store and any user that has a Flick Fusion Login with VidMail enabled can start shooting now. Just login, shoot or upload the personal video that fits your customer needs and choose the text or email. Users can select multiple related vehicles or Why Buy videos to be sent along with the VidMail, delay a VidMail for a custom future time which is great for long term and CSI follow ups. Reports for VidMail opens and views are available right from the app as well!

VidCom is a great tool to help dealerships do just that for their customers. Personal VidMail’s and Video Texts remind customers that it is hard working members of their community that are working at dealerships. VidCom helps staff to increase understanding and build trust with our customers even before they have walked onto the lot. Bottom line is that if properly utilized this tool helps SELL MORE UNITS in the short and long term for dealerships so everybody wins.

For more information on using video at your dealership, please reach out to Doug Thompson at VehiclesTEST.com (954-629-2242), or set up a demo with him.