Undecided car shoppers need video research tools

  • Doug Thompson

Even though there are very positive signs on the inventory front, new vehicle supply is still at low levels. However, car shoppers want to buy. But with the inventory crunch, most buyers know finding their ideal make and model at the exact price they want might be a long shot.

Research shows an increase in cross-shopping behaviors, and online shopping has exploded. More people are coming to your Honda and Toyota website before they ever set foot in the showroom, or even let you know they are interested.

Two key indicators show that car shoppers are more flexible. Higher video plays of Virtual Test Drive videos like those offered by VehiclesTEST.com, and more shoppers visiting Honda and Toyota dealerships without a specific VIN in mind. 

Low inventory levels have pushed buyers to be more open-minded, so they are focusing on what they need rather than a specific make and model.

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It’s no secret that search volumes have skyrocketed because car shoppers can’t find the make and model of the vehicle they want. Because they’re willing to be adaptable, you want to get their attention with as much good content as possible, as you may have something similar on the lot. The way to do that is by investing in your website, SEO, Google My Business, social marketing, and content marketing, like adding VehiclesTEST’s Honda and Toyota videos to your website.

Think about a buyer on your Honda or Toyota dealership’s website. When they want more information, a 3rd-party video review, also provided right on your website by VehiclesTEST, can offer the consumer objective information. 

If you would like to add our third-party Honda and Toyota Virtual Test Drives to your website, texts and emails, please reach out to Doug Thompson at VehiclesTEST.com (954-629-2242), or visit his calendar to set up a demo with him.