Video Calls are the New Normal

  • Prasanthi Pittala

What the pandemic has taught the auto industry is that the shift to digital is imperative, and it needs to happen now. Doctors are scheduling video appointments and children use video conferencing to go to school. Almost everyone is utilizing video conferencing at workplaces to replace onsite meetings. Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Apple, and Zoom, all have reported an enormous growth in video calls/conferencing. Communication over online medium has become the new normal, and vehicles are no different.

Selling a consumer will always be about getting the consumer emotionally attached to the dealership, the salesperson and the car. Incorporating video calls on the website is easy and simple. The most immediate benefit of the live video calls is that sales people now have an opportunity to use those natural person to person skills they have spent their entire careers perfecting. Anyone can engage the customer with the most cutting-edge technology utilizing live video calls. Video calls establish an instant personal connection that cannot be duplicated by regular phone calls or emails.

Live video for a vehicle demo enables a sales person to guide a consumer through the vehicle features and benefits real time, just as if the customer were standing right on the lot. Live video calls can also be used for the post-sale delivery process. Not only the sales department, but the service department can use video to discuss vehicle diagnosis. Having a live video call with a customer after sending service recommendations increases acceptance rates and will quickly become your service advisor's favorite tool.

StreaMe from Flick Fusion offers an innovative solution that engages car shoppers and current customers, virtually. The StreaMe can be embedded on the dealership website anywhere with a click to call button.

Watch the video from Lehel Reeves of Flick Fusion, explaining more about the importance of video calls.


The call can be answered by any member of the dealership's team and is connected to the customer instantly. Video calls can be one-way or two-way live streaming. StreamMe works on all platforms and doesn't require the consumer to download or install any applications. Think about the number of visitors to your website and imagine being able to instantly engage with them on their terms. It is like having a live service or sales window on your website. By using video at your dealership, you can quickly build rapport and earn the customer's trust.

For more information on using video at your dealership, please reach out to Doug Thompson at (954-629-2242), or set up a demo with him.