Video Drives Discovery of Vehicles

The average car shopper may still want to visit the dealership and take a test drive. But before visiting a dealership these days, car shoppers have already gone online to research vehicle models, find deals and get real-time advice. The idea of going digital might seem daunting for auto marketers who have traditionally relied on mediums like TV, but video engages consumers throughout the purchase funnel. Increasingly, shoppers are relying on video to help

Before even setting foot inside a dealership, shoppers go online to research vehicles, read reviews about vehicles and dealerships. They are looking for answers before visiting the dealership. It is a strategy that's proven effective and every dealership must incorporate video in their digital marketing strategy.

For savvy auto marketers, this is the perfect time to connect with people who are already thinking about making a purchase. Videos convey pertinent information in a digestible and entertaining way, which is why they’re a preferred method of research by car shoppers. Even if the customers haven't yet heard or considered about your product - video bridges the gap by acting as a medium between the customer and the product. Video brings in an opportunity to get creative and showcase the vehicle details in an engaging way. It also helps in answering any questions that a potential buyer may have. Google studies show 40% of shoppers who used online video for research said that it helped them discover a vehicle they weren’t previously aware of or considering.

Video allows shoppers to compare and contrast their options. In addition to aiding discovery, social media sites are becoming more assistive as people research vehicles. Over half of auto shoppers who turned to online video while researching said it helped them learn more about vehicles they were considering and 40% said they used it to narrow down their consideration set.

Not all social media websites behave the same. So, it is important to cater to each one of them differently. It may not be a good idea to just copy and paste the same video link in all social media websites. Youtube hosts millions of videos - from professional comparison videos to user generated reviews. The platform enables shoppers to research and experience vehicles in new, more immersive ways. On Twitter, auto marketers should do live streams and short, looping videos. Video content appears higher on user timelines as Twitter prioritizes video content. Uploading a short and crisp video on Facebook will draw more attention than just pasting a website or Youtube link. Videos appear more prominently on user feeds than a regular post with a link to a video posted on a different website.

Video doesn't just facilitate discovery and exploration; it also encourages people to take action. Of the auto shoppers who used video during the research process, over 60% reported visiting a dealership or dealer website after watching a video of a vehicle they were considering. Consumers are now discovering, engaging and taking action through video. It is now more important than ever to invest in video and incorporate video marketing strategy for your brand.

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