Four ways to re-purpose inventory videos

In the last few years, Honda and Toyota dealers have realized the power of video marketing for inventory. But while most dealerships have videos on their Pre-Owned vehicle display pages (VDPs), they aren’t using these videos for other purposes, which means they aren’t getting the maximum benefit from their efforts. 

Here are a few methods for ensuring that every video you make gets the most views, engagement, and clicks, from a blog by Evan Riley, operations director for Flick Fusion.

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Pre-Owned Inventory videos are routinely posted on dealerships’ Vehicle Detail Pages (VDPs), but make sure these videos also get distributed to third-party auto shopping sites. Third-party sites are the top online source for both new and used buyers, with 80 percent of all car buyers visiting them during the shopping process, according to the Cox Automotive 2019 Car Buyer Journey Study. Displaying videos instead of static photos ensures that your inventory stands out from the rest. 

In addition to inventory videos, consider upgrading your inventory presentation with Pre-owned 360-degree interactive videos. Consumer expectations have changed, and they want to see videos that answer all their questions about a vehicle. 


Digital Marketing 

Videos are an essential part of a successful digital marketing strategy. According to think with Google, the most-watched video content by auto shoppers includes car reviews, vehicle test drives like those by, highlights of features and options and walkthroughs of interior and exterior of vehicles. Live walkaround Pre-Owned inventory videos can satisfy many of those requirements, while vehicle test drive videos for specific makes and models can easily be purchased and used in ads. 


Customer Communications 

Pre-Owned Inventory videos are ideal to use in lead response videos. Provide your salespeople with access to a library of stored inventory videos that can be easily personalized for every lead with a voiceover or picture-in-picture narration. Then, email or text these videos to customers who send in leads. Video responses to leads significantly increase customer response rates. 

Another video tool to consider using for customer communications is a live video calling app. In 2023, over 41 percent of females and 33 percent of males were using their mobile devices to make video calls, according to Statista. Try capitalizing on this trend by using video calls to connect your sales team with online car shoppers. Look for a video calling app that offers one-way and two-way calling to safeguard your customers’ privacy. Most importantly, use an app that allows for “one-click” video calling. This allows car shoppers to simply click a button on any VDP to engage your sales team in a video call regardless of the device or platform the shopper is using. 


Social Media 

Social media is a powerful tool for reaching new customers and influencing purchase behavior. Many dealerships post vehicle inventory videos on their VDPs but fail to leverage the power of social media. To achieve maximum ROI with your dealership’s video marketing strategy, be sure to distribute your videos across all social media channels. It doesn’t take any extra time and can be done automatically with hosting platforms designed to optimize video distribution. 

Additionally, inventory videos can be condensed into short-form videos, which have become very popular on platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, TikTok. Short-form videos help dealerships to become more competitive in video search results, attracting new prospects. 


Video Email 

Inventory videos can also be sent out in email marketing campaigns to current customers. You never know when someone might be ready to trade in their vehicle for something new, and video email campaigns keep your dealership top of mind. 

To get the most out of your inventory videos, be sure to use them across different channels for different marketing purposes. Video marketing doesn’t have to be complicated; sometimes the simplest solutions are the most effective.  

For more information on using video at your dealership, please reach out to Doug Thompson at (954-629-2242), or check his calendar to set up a demo with him.