Here’s Why Video Excels as Research Content

  • Doug Thompson

Video is a dominant force when it comes to consumers researching new products like vehicles online. That’s because video is an inbound marketing tool, taking on the scale of television when you turn it on. It’s also precise, a digital device that’s right where the consumer wants to watch it. Finally, video has the power to tell a believable story.

Today, more businesses are using video to help customers in ways that contribute real value.

That’s because consumers prefer video content. Look at popular websites Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. Consumers are voting by their actions as far as the type of content they prefer — time spent on web pages with video averaged more than 7 minutes, while pages without averaged just less than 3 minutes.

Time on site is important for car dealers and other front-facing consumer sites, because the longer a consumer spends on your site, the more likely they are to convert. And by convert we mean submit a sales lead or make a phone call to a sales person.

Video content should not be something you are “considering” if you are a General Manager or Internet Director at a car dealership. That time has passed. It’s now only a matter of what kinds of video should be produced, and how your dealership should use it with your customers.

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