How Instagram videos help Honda, Toyota dealers

Instagram videos enable Honda and Toyota dealers to highlight the key features and innovations present in their latest models. These videos often showcase the sleek design, advanced technology, and performance capabilities of the vehicles, providing potential buyers with a visual demonstration of what they can expect. 

By illustrating the cars' unique selling points, the videos capture the attention and interest of potential buyers, compelling them to visit the dealership for a test drive or further exploration. For example, Longo Toyota in El Monte, Calif., has been using Instagram for years to show off new models.

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Instagram videos allow Honda and Toyota dealers to create engaging content that resonates with their target audience, predominantly millennials and Gen Zers. These younger generations are known for their affinity towards social media and video consumption habits. By leveraging the platform, dealers can effectively communicate with this demographic, which increases the chances of converting their interest into a purchase.

The visual nature of Instagram videos allows dealers to showcase their vehicles in real-life situations, enhancing the aspirational and emotional appeal of the brand. These videos often portray the cars in scenic landscapes or bustling city environments, creating a lifestyle connection for potential buyers. The effective combination of high-quality visuals and relatable narrative fosters a sense of desire, ultimately driving consumers towards the dealership.

Instagram videos enable Honda and Toyota dealers to humanize their brand and build trust with their audience. By featuring customer testimonials, dealership experiences, and behind-the-scenes insights, they create a personal connection that resonates with prospective buyers. This human-centric approach helps alleviate any reservations potential buyers may have, thereby boosting their confidence in purchasing from Honda or Toyota dealers.

Additionally, Instagram videos play a crucial role in driving foot traffic to Honda and Toyota dealerships. By strategically integrating call-to-action buttons or links in video captions, interested viewers can seamlessly access dealership websites or contact information. This seamless connection between social media content and real-world business enables prospective buyers to conveniently take the next step, driving them closer to purchasing a new Honda or Toyota vehicle.


In conclusion, Instagram videos have become vital marketing tools for Honda and Toyota dealers in selling more new cars. By effectively showcasing the features, design, and lifestyle connections of their vehicles, these videos capture the attention, interest, and trust of potential buyers. The platform serves as a bridge between social media engagement and dealership interactions, ultimately driving interested viewers towards a new car purchase. As social media continues to reshape the way businesses engage with their audience, Instagram videos remain an instrumental tool for automobile dealerships to leverage and enhance their sales strategies.

Instagram videos also complement VehiclesTEST’s Honda and Toyota videos, which ket your customers take a Virtual Test Drive right on your site:

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