Show, Don’t Tell with Walkaround Videos

  • Will Sharpe

How are your lead response rates? If prospects aren’t responding to calls or emails, try showing, not telling. 

When a lead comes into your CRM or your sales manager hands you a lead, what do you do? Most salespeople grab their phone and call the lead immediately. While a speedy response is important, in today’s competitive market it isn’t enough to respond with only a phone call. Unless the prospective customer can see your face and the car they’re interested in buying, you aren’t connecting, you’re just talking. 

Try using Virtual Test Drives, like Longo Toyota does, on your website and in your emails.

When asking yourself if a phone call is enough, consider the following: In a study where people listened to a 10 minute presentation, they retained only half of the information they were told by the end. After two days, they retained only a quarter of the information. Is that the kind of connection you want to have with a prospective customer? Surely there’s a better way.

Instead of simply telling them about the vehicle, you can send a lead a prerecorded video or even go out on the lot and shoot a walkaround video of the vehicle the lead is interested in. Putting in the effort to make a video will nearly guarantee that the lead responds to you. Rather than tell them about the car, you took the time to show them.

Customers who are sent videos will also be making a stronger emotional connection to you because they can see you as you present the information. The video is also advantageous because the customer can watch the video more than once, and share the video with others in their family or social group that have an interest in the purchase of the vehicle. Video helps you connect with your customer, and it helps your customer connect with the vehicle they are interested in.

Consider the following situation: A buyer is interested in a blue Toyota Tacoma. If you simply tell them the truck is blue, that is one thing, but by showing them the truck on video you can make sure the buyer loves the color. Perhaps they see it and they change their mind to the white one on the lot next to it? You wouldn’t have been able to make that connection and solve the buyer’s problem if you weren’t using video.

In the age of the smartphone, we have incredibly powerful video-making equipment in our pockets every day. Use your smartphone to make a walkaround video for a lead, and see for yourself how powerful it is to show a customer rather than simply tell them.

In this video, Lehel Reeves from our streaming partner Flick Fusion explains how to increase customer engagement using vehicle walkaround video presentations.

For more information on using video at your dealership, please reach out to Doug Thompson at (954-629-2242), or set up a demo with him.