Dealers Can Reveal New Car Features with Video

As a dealership, you encounter a lot of customers every day that don't know what exactly they want. The online leads do not provide much information other than what vehicle the customer is interested in. 

Reaching the customers to learn what they want is also very difficult. They might respond to you asking for a certain vehicle or simply the price. So, how do you sell a vehicle to the customer if you don't know what their needs are? What if you could get closer to the people who are interested in what you sell by using a video strategy?

For example, the Virtual Test Drive of the Toyota Corolla answers many of the questions customers have about features and benefits, like the wheelbase. Watch the video to learn more.

In this blog, Tim James from FlickFusion explains how to use video walkarounds and video communication to communicate with consumers.

Video Communication:

Many car dealerships are still replying with a simple, "Give me a call," or "We'll be in touch soon" to questions, requests, and inquiries from customers. This approach will not make your dealership stand out against the rest. It is important to communicate with customers on a personal level. Customers look for transparency. Using video communication will make you stand out against the rest of the community by allowing customers to see you as more approachable and open. Customers are looking for someone they can trust when making a big commitment of purchasing a car. It is important for your sales team to show that your dealership is trustworthy. Utilize video in this process. Video communication not only stands out but also helps you to establish the trust for the customers to come back to you. Use a video call or a personalized recorded video answering any questions your customers may have.

Video Walkarounds:

Some dealerships might not get much of a response from their shoppers if they don’t offer video walkarounds in their inventory. When you have an online video for every car in your inventory, you get the benefit of presenting a human face to your inventory. And, providing the potential customer with specific information in the fastest way possible. Photos and descriptions are very important merchandising tools, but emotion sells. A good video of the vehicle is the best method to transfer the information the consumer is looking for. Treat your inventory page as your virtual showroom, where customers can see and visualize a vehicle they are interested in. This will help you understand what your customers' needs are and you can begin a closer relationship with them via video communication.

Become a consultant, not just a salesperson. Use video walkarounds and video communication to better engage with the customer. Think of your presentation like your virtual car lot. Take the customer on a tour of the vehicle via a video walkaround, or personalized video. Include all the selling points you would present if they were there in person – Safety, Comfort, Fuel Economy, Performance, etc. Introduce yourself and your dealership. Let the consumer know that you are trying to learn more about your customers and what they want. You will strive to give the best service and provide them with a positive experience — so no need to shop anywhere else.

Utilizing video effectively, you can find out what your shoppers want while establishing yourself as a trusted resource.

If you would like to add VehiclesTEST’s third-party Honda and Toyota Virtual Test Drives to your website and emails, please reach out to Doug Thompson at 954-629-2242.