5 Types of Video for Lead Follow-Up

Car salespeople know bad leads are frustrating. Taking time to follow up with every customer is important, but it is disheartening when they don’t respond and you feel as if you’ve wasted your time.


Don’t despair. Brian Cox, President and CEO of video streaming provider Flick Fusion, recently published an article in Auto Success magazine on how to use video to turn unresponsive leads into customers in your showroom. Lead follow-up videos can help you generate a higher response and engagement rate from your leads. Let’s look at how to incorporate them into your follow-up process.


Live video calls are one way salespeople can connect with customers. By texting the lead a link to a video call, they can invite them to make a personal connection and help draw them back into the buying process.


Email autoresponders with a link to a pre-recorded greeting from the general manager or a salesperson can bring car shoppers to a landing page on the dealership website. This page can feature all kinds of important video content, including customer testimonials, value proposition, and inventory videos that will make the lead feel more comfortable interacting with your dealership. Video is a great tool for rapport building with your customer.


Vehicle walkaround videos/virtual test drive videos that are either pre-recorded or filmed live by a salesperson can help reengage your lead. Sending a lead a video of their vehicle of interest (especially if it is accompanied by a personalized voiceover from the salesperson) is a great way to keep them engaged in the buying process. Virtual test drive videos like the ones created by VehiclesTEST can also be immensely useful for this purpose.


Reengagement videos are simply videos that follow your regular lead follow-up process. The message you deliver to shoppers in these videos is the same as you would deliver via email or text, but by sending it as a video you are conveying your message more effectively.


Appointment confirmation videos are another way to personalize the buying experience for your customers. Since managers should always call to confirm an appointment with a shopper, why not record a short video that confirms the date and time they are going to come in as well as a personalized message about the vehicle or features they are interested in? Again, this is all about creating that connection with a customer. You want to make sure your leads are comfortable with the buying process, so that more of them can be converted into sales.

The next time you are following up on a lead, give some of these video techniques a try!


For more information on using video at your dealership, please reach out to Doug Thompson at VehiclesTEST.com (954-629-2242).