Add subtitles to your videos for better engagement

Video is one of the most powerful marketing tools you can leverage to engage customers. Video is cost effective to build awareness with shoppers and help them during the vehicle buying process. More businesses are using video to help customers in ways that contribute real value. Consumers are choosing online video over all other mediums. In this article for Flick Fusion, Tim James, COO of Flick Fusion, explains how subtitles can supercharge video content.

Most content creators choose text over video so search engines can read through the text when consumers are looking for specific information. But, according to Marketing Week, adding subtitles to the video can solve this issue. This is one of the many benefits subtitles offer. This is a big win for the website from an SEO standpoint. Making subtitles available for the video can help search engines crawl the text and transition your unreadable video into a readable one.

Most users have the audio option turned off while browsing through social media websites. Having subtitles on the video can help users see what you are saying. This will help users to engage with your content even without the sound turned on.

Subtitles can be hugely beneficial to people with hearing disabilities. Consumers feel more comfortable when businesses communicate with them on their terms. Having subtitles on the video is similar to having a salesperson that knows sign language. Also, many OEMs and website providers are requiring ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) complaint videos. VehiclesTEST provides subtitles on all its videos for Honda and Toyota dealers. This helps the viewer and also enhances video SEO. See below for example on Toyota of Dallas

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Subtitles must be added to all kinds of dealership videos. Whether it is service related queries or sales enquiries, customer testimonials or general FAQs, finance related or walk arounds, subtitles provide a great way of communicating a message without the sound.

Consider adding subtitles to your videos and don't miss telling a story even without sound.

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