Using Video to Overcome Negativity

  • Prasanthi Pittala

Have you watched the commercials by retail disruptors on television lately? They reinforce all the negative stereotypes of the car-buying experience at dealerships. Dealers take pride in providing a positive customer experience and these attacks are frustrating to say the least.

To counter these false claims, you do not need a huge marketing budget. You can counter it with a short and effective video. Video can be an inexpensive yet a great tool to effectively combat negative stereotypes. With just a handful of videos, you can assure shoppers that they will have a great experience at your dealership.



This article by Tim James from FlickFusion provides great video suggestions to counter negative stereotypes. Here are some of the top points that Tim makes in his article.

Community Videos: Connect with your local community with these videos. Tell them about the local organizations you help. Tell a story that connects the audience emotionally and shows them you are one of the good guys.

"Why Buy" Videos: With these videos, tell the customers why they should buy the vehicle from your dealership. Tell customers if your dealership is price competitive, family owned, hassle free or award winning. Create videos that mirror trained sales people selling a car.

Customer Testimonials: Because, what your customers say is more influential than what you say about yourself. Show what your customers say about your dealership. Create customer testimonial videos, showing what makes you a great place to work with.

Showcase Videos on VDPs: Online car shoppers follow a fairly predictable pattern. Most often they visit from a search engine or online marketplace, and come directly to the Vehicle Detail Page. At this point, inventory and Virtual Test Drive videos are the best way to pique their interest in that vehicle. To reach the new prospects, make sure your video content is being presented to them at the right time at the right place. For example, here’s VehiclesTEST’s Virtual Test Drive on the all-new 2022 Honda Civic Sedan on Rick Case Honda’s website.

They say "fight the fire with fire". This is so apt in this scenario. When your business model is being criticized, tell them what it means to do what you are doing with a video. Video is the most persuasive medium out there. It is capable of changing hearts and minds. Be there with your video at the right place at the right time and win customers!


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