Get ready, get set, start your dealership video

Writer’s block holds people back from starting a letter or short story. They worry they aren’t good enough, or ready, or don’t have the skills. Those same fears hold a lot of dealership personnel from working on videos.

Tim James, the COO at VehiclesTEST’s streaming partner Flick Fusion, wrote in a recent blog about how not to let writer’s block stop you from video marketing efforts.

Here’s a little of what Mr. James wrote in his blog:

“Perfection Paralysis is a problem a lot of people face,” James wrote. “Essentially, many marketers are so worried about making video content perfect that they end up not making any at all. Striving for perfection is great. However, major league baseball players, NFL stars, and musicians don’t become great overnight. Do you know what they do? They go out and do it! Whatever “it” is. They don’t expect it to be perfect. But what they do know is that the more they practice, the better they get.”

Read Mr. James entire blog here:

James says you are never going to improve unless you start. And you can’t expect to go from crawling to running a 5K overnight. Your customers aren’t going to expect your videos to be commercial grade by a professional videographer. I would even argue that, if they did look like they are professional quality, customers may doubt your sincerity.

Many salespeople have made an excellent career for themselves by utilizing video with their customers. They didn’t start as professional videographers and many of them still aren’t. What they did do, however, is recognize video’s potential and, most importantly… STARTED.

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